Solving the climate crisis — 9 Comments

  1. They seem to be getting quite hysterical about it all.

    The doom prophesied gets worse, but always a tantalising 200 months away. Or is it 211 months?

    Also a few years ago we were promised that it would soon just get hotter – the dreaded Global Warming. 

    Ever wonder why medieval buildings had such poor heating facilities? Or how Greenland got it's name – and it wasn't bullshitting shyster estate agents.

    When that did not happen the scare was changed to the dreaded Climate Change, or Chaos, or Catastrophy. This would bring world wide monsoon rain, all year round, combined with decade long droughts everywhere. Winds would rattle round the globe at super- hurricane velocities or all our wonderful windmills would be becalmed.

    No matter what, it would all be our fault. Just because.

    These hypocrites fly all over the world, not at their own expense, so they can tell the rest of us to stop flying, stop using cars, stop heating our homes, stop eating meat, in fact, why don't we just stop breathing out that poisonous  carbon dioxide.

    Once they have cracked the robotics thing they will not need us at all.

    All the elite will need is a wee island near the Equator where they can wait for the coming ice mountains to retreat, while they sip their vodka martinis, expertly made by their C3PO, or Robbie, or sexy, synthetic, silicone, lady friend.

    Trump knows this all bollox. His Turnberry resort is built on land that was once, not too long ago, under the waves. Just inland are the stranded cliffs with sea eroded caves. All well above sea level. Just like the rest of SW Scotland.

    With a bit of luck all our big Mercedes logos will be soon derelict stumps. As with Easter Island, people will wonder what possessed us to waste our scarce resources on such follies. Why not just sacrifice a few virgins?   Well, Ah, yes, I see the problem.

    End of rant.

    • It's not a problem: we just need to find those 'woke' snowflakes who self-identify as virgins, and we have our sacrificial quota. If nowt else happens, we've at least removed a few irritants – and we can occupy the otherwise unoccupied in building the wicker men. 

  2. Ah, Greenland, so named because it had a moderate climate and crops could be grown around the coast.

    The current sunspot minimum suggests we're probably heading for another mini ice age, like the Maunder minimum in the middle ages.  Let the "It'll be too hot soon" climate nutters all freeze.

    Now I've stolen her adulthood – oh dear!

  3. Actually GD, the “worst since records began” line is BS. Tony Heller at realclimatescience produces interesting pieces looking back at old records and newspaper articles to demonstrate this. Recommended reading. There was one yesterday in response to the BBC’s claim that hurricanes are three times more frequent than 100 years ago.
    Not that disproving such claims has any effect on the Climate Hysteria – there is a Climate Crisis on you know, can’t let facts prevent us taking (emergency) action, can we?

  4. I like the picture.  I would have blamed Anna Livia (floozie) for the floods caused by splashing about in her Jacuzzi, but they moved her to make room for the spiky thing.


    • Welcome John!

      Of course we all know that that spiky thing is a monument to our great heroin addicts.  Personally though I think it may be a monument to Bertie Ahern – Ireland's greatest prick.

  5. In other climate related news, a major portion of the USA just went through a week of record low temperatures (basically everywhere except California which doesn't count anyway). Either way, hot or frozen, I doubt that I have much more left of life than 20 years so there's a good chance that absolutely nothing significant or catastrophic will have changed about our climate in that time.

    We could always be hit by an earth shattering asteroid before I croak but that would be fairly quick compared to slowly drowning or freezing don't you think?

    • An asteroid would be great fun, if for no other reason than hearing all the crazy ideas to divert it or explode it! It would be fitting too to go out with a bang?

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