Droning on and on — 16 Comments

  1. The only way I would get a drone if it came with the capacity to hold tiny poison dart stingers that were remotely controlled and were small enough and quiet enough, certain persons I'd be flying the drone over would think it was a mere insect bite from above and not even bother to look up to realize their time is short. If it did that, then I would consider getting one.

    • Yes, indeed that would have potential.  Just so long as its range is sufficient to reach government buildings. 

  2. When I read that last line I literally snorted coffee out of my nose! Love you Grandad and glad you're feeling better and haven't lost your skepticism, eye for irony, or sense of humor! Herself must be one happy lady! 


  3. I link to a YouTube video of a drone fitted with a mini machine gun but I'm sure you can find them on your own. Personally I could think of a couple of things to do with a drone but I'm bit too old for prison.

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