Reboot — 7 Comments

  1. Fall back and Spring ahead.  It's that time of year that Ireland is closer to the USA by an hour than say Paris which is an hour off Dublin time anyways.  I think that make sense.

    • Not yet.  I did RTFM though so I know how to do it [I think].  Or maybe it has adjusted itself automatically?  It seems to claim to know everything…

    • The clock in my last car, a Citroen, was permanently set to GMT because the procedure for setting it was so convoluted I just couldn't be bothered.

  2. Ours is next Sunday at 2:00 AM (stupid time to do it) which means we set our clocks back before bed on Saturday. It's long past time "they" pick one time and stick with it, All the reasons for the time change in the first place are long obsolete.

    And now the cats will be waking us up to be fed an hour earlier since they're the only ones on the premises that have sense enough to keep the same time all year around.

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