A way to go yet — 6 Comments

  1. Obviously my prognosis is improving?

    I certainly hope so.

    Anyway, I made myself a couple pairs of those mittens a few years back, one for downstairs (watching movies in the living room during winter) and one for upstairs (working on the computer during the winter). I'm a skinny guy that's always had cold hands so I just bought a few pairs of thin-ish poly/cotton mittens and cut the fingers off about half-way down. Works a treat. I highly recommend doing the same.

  2. The beta-blockers used to affect me so severely that I could rest my hands on a warm radiator and still feel they were cold.

  3. Your prognosis had better improve: there ain't enough of us gubmint-hating curmudgeons (aka realists) left. We have a duty to continue to be a thorn in their side for as long as we possibly can, or until they get the message and feck off and leave us alone.

  4. Good luck to you and keep Rumbling.  I found your blog via Tim Newman and you've kept me amused for two years.

    Am half Irish myself (Mayo) and enjoy your self-deprecating wit.

    I wish you, her indoors and Penny all the best.  Keep going as long as you can.


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