A smoking related death — 7 Comments

  1. Grandad

    Not my quote, and I've no idea where I first spotted it but to that smoking question I always replied, 'No, but if you feel it could be beneficial to me, I don't mind starting.'

  2. I believe anyone who EVER smoked, is recorded as a "smoker". My husband stopped smoking in 1980, but he is recorded as a smoker in his files. That's why you cannot believe any stats produced about smokers. 

    Sorry about your heart attack – that's frightening. Husband had one about seven or eight years ago. He's in great health despite it. Get well soon! 

  3. I know you’re being flippant, but in all seriousness the cause of death would  probably be multiple injuries ,however  there is what is known as a Part II this is reserved for other existing conditions that.are not directly linked to your immediate demise , therefore the Pathologist may well add “ Tobacco Smoker”  why? Because they get paid for it   


    • Ah fuckit, they can count me as a smoker if they wish.  And a drug addict.  Or an alcoholic.  Why should I care when I'm dead?

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