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  1. Think you got it the wrong way around,the deep web is below the clearnet,the one we are using now.Can be accessed if you know the addresses, used by bankers, universities, government departments etc, will not show up on search engines.
    Below that is the dark web, requires special software to access, the best known is TOR, amongst others are Freenet and I2p, [EEP]. Some people say there is the Marianas web even deeper, I have no idea how to access it,[even if it exists] if any of your followers know, please tell us. Good to know your up and running after your recent encounter with the hospital.
    Regards Hal.

    • I possibly got it the wrong way around all right.

      The level I reached was pretty weird, which the quantity and variety of lawlessness.  I can't imagine what would be on a deeper level, except maybe oodles of child porn and snuff films?

  2. Every time I decide to download and install these "things" that allow access to the deep/dark web I always end up saying to myself, "Pfff, why bother?"

    No real point here, I just thought I'd mention it.

  3. I read a book about the Dark Web a few years ago, I was very disappointed!


    No revelation of the third secret of Fatima or Joanna Southcott's box – not even a list of Masonic handshakes, just a load of boring stuff

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