Cutting humour — 5 Comments

  1. Given her other half hasn't used a razor for decades, maybe there's a hint in what she said.

      • Okay, the positives:

        A fair size house is so much cheaper here than Ireland (your area–I checked) and that's even with the cost of fuel for the central heating. Petrol is much cheaper as well. And considering .9 euros equals 1.12 dollars you're a bit up on the exchange rate. Weather is no real problem as you could easily pay for someone to plow your driveway (Does your new rig have 4 wheel drive by any chance? If not, you could always call me if you need to get out when the roads are snowy). And even in  the Northeast Kingdom where we are we have 3 shopping centers, a Walmart and a hospital right around the corner–sort of.

        Now the big drawbacks:

        No universal health care so that's probably a show stopper right there considering everything.

        Applying for a visa (includes spouse) could be a hassle.

        Could you still get your pension if you lived in the states?

        So, given everything, it's probably better to just stay put.


        But just out of curiosity, how much do you think the manor would sell for?

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