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  1. We named our 4 indoor cats all separate names of course, but they all share two or three common names they all answer to:

    1. Whatinhellareyoudoing?

    2. Getthefuckoutofthere!


    • Of course you know that our K8 had a dog called Wooja.  It was in fact a shortened version of his full name – Woojagetoffthefuckingcouch.

  2. Grandad  DO IT . JUST DO IT !!!   Please please do it.  I'd laff myself into a prolapse what ever that is.

    It would set the tone for ever.  No visits to scrounge just a few screws. No please can we borrow your mower (is it full of petrol?)

    OR they would love it and treat you as an idol.Or a role model for the kids.

    Tough choice.

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