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  1. You could have one person with a car who hires the car and himself as driver to take people where they want to go. I wonder what you would call such a service?

    How about Taxi? Would that work?

    Or maybe a system where you could hire a car and drive it yourself. I can't think of a name for that, my brain Hertz.

  2. I've heard some harebrained ideas from the more extreme environmentalists and that one you mention goes right along with them. One of those great ideas bound for the circular file as they say. Also typical of these crazy untenable ideas, they're almost always cooked up by people who do not live in rural areas nor have any clue what it's like to do so–as you say.

    Ireland needs Uber?

      • Apparently Ireland does have Uber but Government regulations make using the Uber app within Ireland illegal. It's also illegal to hire private vehicles in Ireland.  And taxis are heavily regulated as well.

        You could always use Mytaxi?  It doesn't come close to driving your own rig but it might appease your crazy people Green party?

  3. “We don’t all need to own a car. Most of our cars are sitting in a car park for 95 per cent of the time,”

    Can't believe he really said that, it just wrongly reinforces the idea that the Irish are thick like the old Paddy/Murphy jokes of the 70's. If the car is sitting in a car park for 95% of the time, that means its only polluting for 5% of the time, so that contradicts his reasons for wanting them off the road. This guy is just as bad as the fuckers who want everybody to eat grubs. Pillock.

    " Electric vehicles are “better cars. They don’t break down as much. They are cleaner, cheaper cars” "

    Yeah, whatever…


    • "They are cleaner, cheaper cars"  Cheaper than what?  A Mercedes?  A Rolls Royce?  Of course on his salary, they might be easy to buy but they are out of reach for a significant number, including myself!

  4. It is brrilliant. You want to use the shared car so you phone up the guy who currently has it and he brings it to you. Then you drive him back to where he came from and then you drive to your destination.

    Then you wait for a phone call.

    Meanwhile somebody cleans up the accumulated dandruff, puke, fag ash, the sticky film of child dribbles on every surface, the mud on the floor and pedals, dog hairs, the body in the boot, fills up with fuel. Try getting insurance for that.

  5. Just thought.

    This is the fix for the housing shortage. Most houses belonging to working people sit empty and unused most of the day.

    Ditto beds.

    As for baths, cookers, toothbrushes, razors, toilets – well, what can one say?

  6. Yet more proof, as if it were needed, that every one of these interfering, nannying,moronic, greenie nazis should practice what they preach.

    They should volunteer to be fed into a solar powered woodchipper to save the planet. Hopefully the sun will be obscured by clouds, or a handy umbrella, just as they are fed in feet first. Hopefully the screams will help the next cockwomble to keep their lunatic notions to themselves.

  7. Heh. For environmental deconstruction relating to vehicles, I recommend John Cadogan is especially brusque when it comes to “ Electric Jesus “ Elon  Musk. Those who are easily offended by a total lack of respect to someones religious views had better not watch him. Otherwise his vlogs are very concise and extremely cutting.

  8. Ah, I recognise this phenomenon as a common experience in the aul' Ireland.

    The one car for ten people needs to be a battered red Toyota Hiace with a broken back light and no tax or insurance and the driver needs to be someone who calls you "Boss" and who deals in scrap metal and ponies

  9. Can you imagine a community car shared by a bunch of greens?

    It would never need petrol. With that much lentil-munching going on there'd be an inexhaustible supply of methane.

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