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  1. Might I (respectfully) suggest that you adopt an ancient philosophy to which I have adhered strictly for all my 70 years:

    Thems what's fit enough to exercise – don't need to:
    Thems what ain't – shouldn't.

    • Not particularly "lighten"!  There were some nasty injuries.  I have heard from a reliable source that the rear safety bar was [allegedly] held in place with just two cable ties.  I imagine there will be a rush of Ambulance Chasers hoping to get onto that case?

  2. You're a year younger than I am and I can easily manage a brisk walk, it should be breeze for a youngster like you, wink

    It does get easier though. I recently started running again, half a mile out, half a mile back and I was knackered. Three months later and I ran 6.5 miles (and I was not quite as knackered). Stick at it and you might even find that you enjoy it.

    Or find an exercise that you enjoy. (And no, lifting pints in the pub is not weight training. smiley)

    • A brisk walk is no problem.  The problem is the area around here is somewhat hilly and the roads/paths are deceptive.  You suddenly realise that what looks like a flat road is in fact climbing quite steeply.  For example, a walk from the village to here [not far at all] in fact climbs around 400ft. 

      If lifting pints is out, then what's left?

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