Something or nothing — 10 Comments

  1. Sounds very "iffy".  Phone the Council. Phone the Police?

    Or maybe you want some rubbish tarmac on your drive 🙂

  2. There's something on the rear of his hivi vest, but can't make it out on my tablet.

    Assume you've been scoped – and get the Missus one of those air horns.

    • I have tried to make out what's written but there is a reflection on it.  It's a pity the camera wasn't pointing slightly higher so I could have seen more of his vehicle.

      Herself shouting can beat any air horn!

  3. Its a white land rover Defender. Not much use at first blush but does the WCC use such a vehicle?

    • Ah!  I would imagine our illustrious Council would baulk a buying Land Rovers.  It would be likely that the tarmac spreading Knackers would drive such a vehicle though.  They seem to have endless cash.

  4. According to Wicklow County Council website, Alerts section, it's Hedge Cutting Season.

    "Hedge Cutting Season 1st September 2019 to 29th February 2020"

    Perhaps that's it? They're coming to trim the verge. Better than coming to take you away?

    • I would be delighted if they would cut my hedge.  It would be a first though.  They seem to trim everyone's except mine.

    • I have a cloud of second hand pipe smoke surrounding the property which should keep Greta [Blessed be her name] or her demons at bay.

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