The excitement is killing me — 13 Comments

  1. There will be a few rejected love-struck swains, suffering from unrequited love, some jilted ladies, either bitter or near suicidal.

    All victims of "heart events".

    You will be the male upon whom spleen get vented.


    • I can handle all that.  They can vent all they like.  I imagine it's going to be a laugh a minute anyway……

  2. It should give you something to scribble about alright. I'd advise patience with this "class" since there will probably be some redundancy and plain old silly advice bantered about. I mean, you had a heart attack for heavens sake–hardly uncommon. What is there about a heart attack that takes 6 (5 in your case) weeks to talk about? Okay, so they'll probably having you exercising a bit which won't hurt you none and it just might keep you from overdoing it on your own and that won't hurt you none either.

    So, is this course 5 days a week or what? Couple hours a day? 3, 4, 5? Just being nosy of course.

    • I imagine there will be a lot of redundancy.  I wonder how many others will be full time carers which, by its nature involves a lot of physical work [which is probably banned].

      The course runs for three days a week [Monday, Wednesday and Friday] for an hour a day.  It will probably take me longer than an hour to get there and back.

    • Well, if the traffic is that bad he can take comfort on the fact that he'll probably miss the scheduled hour altogether and just take pleasure of being out and about. Besides, isn't he driving a new car?

      • I would have refused Vincents!  It's in Loughlinstown which isn't too bad.  And driving the new car is a major factor….

  3. Attitude is key. For sure a certain fear of the unknown, but an understanding that these people know their stuff is vital.

    My one is young enough to be my grandchild and the rest of the team are in their mid 20's. They handle stroke victims, hip and knee replacement people, some 80 years old. And heart attack survivors.

    Us folk have developed our own routine, what works for us. In my case it resulted in severely damaged spine and you a heart attack. So I've had to re learn how to walk, how to pace myself and how to act my age. It's that or a wheelchair, adult daipers and dependence on others (leading to Dignitas).

    So neither of us got it right. First step is to understand that. In my case screaming in a complete sea of utter agony is a memory I shall never forget – nor the people within a 100 metre radius it seems.

    5 weeks, 15 hours ain't nothing Pop's – and you pay… Fuck all! Its 25 quid an hour in the real world, so be thankful – you being a tightwad, 375 quid is a good deal.

    There's the added advantage of meeting others, sharing experiences, shortcuts, where to go, best deals. Usual stuff seniors have picked up – oh and obeying instructions from someone else's grandkids!

    • I'm going to the miser's version – I was warned to bring €2 per session, so €30is an even better deal.  The parking will cost more than that.

      I was never much good at taking instruction [ask any of my former employers] so I'll have to wait and see what they have to say.

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