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  1. During the WWII days school kids were taught to hide under their desks and place gas masks in the event of bombing.  I would say those kids had a legitimate reason to feel they may not have a future.  And I think you're right…in this day and age of "McNews" as I like to call it…the news does not have to be correct or accurate…one simply finds the source that either whips them into a fury about things they have no true knowledge of, or agrees with their own preconceived ideas.

    • Then there was the Cold War where we lived under the constant fear of nuclear annihilation, which again was a real possibility.

      I can guarantee that if the Interweb didn't exist then neither would all these "activist" movements.

      • The Cuban Missile Crisis occurred in my first term at grammar school. There was a widespread belief amongst classmates that we would be dead within a week. But the homework got done, and most of us have survived the intervening 57 years.

  2. It true, young people today are absolutely petrified about the whole ‘climate change’ nonsense. The daughter of a friend is aged about 20 and at Uni, she said that everyone is massively worried about it, to the point of giving themselves an anxiety syndrome over it. Its all they’ve ever been taught – the world is going to end, and its all their fault. If you’re 20 now your entire education will have been one long eco-b*ll*cks indoctrination-fest. I feel very sorry for them. It also occurs to me that when this generation discovers they’ve been lied to, there’s going to be BIG trouble.

  3. Kids are being told that they have no future


    They don't – but not because of a miniscule amount of warming. Their future will be very bleak because by the time they are old enough to realise what's been going on there won't be any money left. And they will be faced with very expensive energy (when it's available), and none of the personal transport freedoms they take for granted now.

    Here’s an example of the lunacy waiting in the wings:


  4. Hi grandad, I was sorry to read about your recent health scare. I hope you are feeling better. I also hope that you continue to bless us with your wit for many years to come.

    I live in arctic North Norway. We have been getting severe weather warnings for the last few days. Heavy snowfall above two hundred feet. This is very unusual for mid September and clearly a result of higher temperatures. I remain uncertain about where these higher temperatures are occuring (outside of the front page of the Guardian newspaper), but clearly it is nowhere near us.

  5. its no joke she does look evil:)

    anyway they are telling the government to tax their parents so they wont have the money for college later on.

    brainwashed useful idiots

  6. What the brainwashed gobshites seem to avoid is the fact that climate change is a constant, the world's climate forever changes due to its natural processes – otherwise, why have all those ice-ages and mini ice-ages in distant history, long before the internal combustion engine, or most of mankind, even appeared on the scene?

    The only issue up for debate is whether mankind's advanced lifestyle and material usage has any responsibility for affecting that natural process in a negative way.  Currently a majority of scientists who profess an opinion maintain that it does – but then 500 years ago, 99% of all scientists opined that the world was flat . . . . but 500 years ago, those scientists were in thrall to the church, who's to say that those current scientists are not merely piping the tune called for by their paymasters?  It is possible that any human effects are actually positive, that those natural changes would have been worse without human input – we don't have a 'control' earth with which to carry out comparative studies.   We may have averted another ice-age, maybe we'll never know.

    What is needed, and highly unlikely to occur, is solid, unbiased, objective analysis – what's not needed are masses of brainwashed gobshites, being led by braindead gobshites, cluttering up everyday life for the rest of us, while we're just trying to get on with our lives in whatever weather the planet throws at us.

  7. These might well be the face and beady eyes that will be on the proclamation of Day Zero of the Climate Emergency Legislation.
    Be afraid – the small boy, the only one who could have shown the Climate Emperor naked, has been subject to re-education and, following the hormone treatment to reverse patriarchal oppression, has already gone quietly and peacefully, with police approval, to a UN approved composting centre.

  8. Saint Greta the younger has finally made it into the national news over here.  What with this past Freak out Friday or whatever it was called she was mentioned as it's leader.  They made a big deal that it was a worldwide thing all the while insinuating that it was no biggie here.  The local news covered the local demonstration and the pictures they showed of it had maybe 25 to 30 people holding signs and singing songs.  It may have been a big deal in Europe but it certainly wasn't here.

  9. I saw a piece a few days ago suggesting that Greta Thingy should get a Nobel peace prize. Personally I would rather give her parents a charge of child abuse on the basis that any parent who terrifies their autistic child about climate then uses her as the mouthpiece for an obviously planned and well financed political campaign is an abuser.

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