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  1. What baffles me though is the number of people who will actively call for greater taxation

    Because, in their rose-tinted world, it won't be them being actually hit with this extra taxation. It's the lumpenproletariat (or, basically anyone who isn't them) who'll be paying.

  2. Because gubmints always know better than you what to spend your money on.

    But always with a little bit of it sticking to the spenders.

  3. With you 100% Grandad. It is extremely offensive to me to have to pay a bunch of idle [email protected] to lord it over us. They award themselves better pensions, health care, perks etc. while just sitting on their arses and putting spokes in the wheel whenever possible.

    Taxation is theft!

  4. It always amuses me to hear people saying they think taxes should be higher. Most countries, including the UK and I'm sure Ireland is no different, have procedures for people to gift money to the country. According to this 2017 story in the Financial Times, there were just 200 "patriotic gifts" in the UK between 2000 and 2017:

    I do wish people would put their wallets where their mouths are. Or maybe when they say they want taxes to be higher they really want me to pay more tax, not them.

  5. Hey, c'mon Gramps.  It's not so bad.  If one-third of the population thinks that high alcohol taxes are A Good Thing, ergo that means that a whopping two-thirds think that they're not.  Two-thirds is a big majority.  If Leave had won our referendum by two-thirds to one we'd have been out by the end of March! 

    And don't overlook the "swelling" of numbers by astroturfing – always a very likely factor when there's a "cause" to be pushed.  In fact, you can probably slice that one-third in half, if not more, if you take the astroturfers out of the equation.

    • I always treat those Journal polls with a massive grain of salt, but it is still surprising the numbers who are not only happy to pay taxes but are quick to suggest new ones.

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