The approaching storm — 12 Comments

  1. We were promised it would remain summer until Tuesday. They lied!

    Wierd- wrote this then got told I was blocked from commenting – but it’s here.

    • They are just a bunch of lying bastards.  I hope it pisses rain on their houses.

      Weird?  No.  Just this site having its irritating little fun and games.

  2. Welcome to Pennsylvania!  Thursday it was 91DegF(33DegC) and sunny then Friday it was 61DegF(16DegC) and rain.  It'll keep up like this until November when it turns cold.

  3. "ripping brambles off the trees."

    You are a dumb fuck Pop's. Not learned a bloody thing.

    No BS Squire, just plain dumb.

      • Probably referring to the medico's post heart attack orders about taking it slow and easy? Sure, then they said you needed to exercise without specifying what kind, how much, etc and so-on. Ripping brambles off of trees? Hard to define that one.

  4. There have been Christmas cards in shops in England since last month. Yesterday, in Tesco, I saw Christmas sweets and chocolates for sale.

    • The local shop had packets of cornflakes on the shelf.  They were advertising a competition for a trip to see Santa or something.  I thought this a little strange for mid summer but then realised they were probably on the shelf for the last six or seven months.

      • I looked at the "use by" dates on tins of Christmas biscuits on display one September – the date was 30th November!

  5. I just looked at the monthly forecast for your area and yup, it's fall alright. Then again, you'll still be well into the 50's (F) up till the first two weeks of December (as far as the monthly forecast goes) while we'll be well into snow.

    And what the heck are you doing ripping brambles off of trees anyway? I'm tellin' doc, so I am. What's his phone number?

    • We are supposed to be returning to Summer for the rest of this week with temperatures around the low 20s [C] but it's still wringing wet outside.

      What's all this thing about the brambles?  It seems to have gotten Smoking Scot all fired up too?

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