The Final Solution — 5 Comments

  1. "…everyone to be marched into the gas chambers on reaching the age of sixty five…"

    Variations on "Logan's Run" – which brings to mind memories of the delightful Jenny Agutter in a mini-toga. I still find the memory exciting; I just can't remember why.


    • Ah.  Jenny Agutter!  I remember her in "Walkabout" [stark naked].  I have no idea why I remember that film in particular.

  2. Of course the statistics suggest otherwise.   At their very worst hyperbole, the anti-tobacco lobby claims that a maximum of only 50% of smokers will die early from a smoking-related condition – and that's after they've made the most tenuous of connections between 'conditions' and 'smoking'.     That means at least the other 50% will still stay healthy, living long and costly lives to the State in pensions etc.

    The other factor is that, in the UK, the State collects more than four times the amount in taxes from smokers than it spends on all those allegedly related conditions – that means they've got more money available to spend on those with 'approved' self-inflicted conditions like sporting injuries and HIV/AIDS, the cost of which is never questioned.

    So rather than reducing the taxes, they should leave the taxes alone and simply encourage more to smoke more, meaning even more cash is then available to treat the gym-bunnies, joggers, cyclists and careless bum-bandits.

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