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  1. Yup, it's California alright. At least that's where this "Global Footprint Network" group is based ( that did the study. Apparently we (humans that is) are using up nature's resources 1.75 times faster than our planet's ecosystems can regenerate. And we've been doing it at least since 1986 when the "study" first began.

    Strange, I'm breathing okay and I don't feel thirsty at all. I'll admit that humanity seems to be working hard at finding new ways to destroy the only habitat we have, as well as ourselves of course, but I'll bet that humanity will find a way to stop/slow down said destruction before it does us and the planet in. It's probably a long shot but hope is eternal as they say.

    Anyway, I figure I'll be dead and gone before I run out of air and water–I hope.

    • If we are using resources faster than nature can regenerate then surely those resources will stop/fail/whatever?  If you drain water away from a reservoir faster than the rivers that flow in, then the water level drops to zero and the drains run dry.  The amount of water upon the planet will always remain much the same, whether it be in the seas, lakes, rivers or clouds in the sky.  I understand that fresh water may be increasingly in short supply in some areas of the planet, and equally I can understand that soil may be overused but the alarmist crap they are putting out is just designed to cause a panic.  It's a bit like the Doomsday Clock that always seems to be just a few minutes before midnight!

      • I agree. It's pretty much fallacy all around. As you say, the amount of water on our planet basically stays the same…unless we find away to blow it all into outer space that is. And yes, we could pollute the air so much that we're all wearing masks (hello Beijing), cut down enough trees, etc, and so-on to effectively "kill" the biosphere but that seems like a whole lot of profitless hard work to me. The key word being, "profitless".

        By the way, I just checked–it's currently two minutes to midnight–again.

        Perhaps the "snowflake" generation will take care of everything? (chuckles evilly)

  2. Many of us here in the States think we need a wall, alright (on the eastern border of CA so all the liberal/socialist snowflakes can have their very own country)!



  3. If the government was in charge of supplying air and water we would have already ran out. 

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