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  1. I have good posture but I work on it all the time.  Left to my own devices I would also stoop.  It drives me nuts when I see someone stooped over to walk.  I think Geez, stand up straight.  I walk upright because it's good for ya' and I also don't want to look like the old man I am.  When I walk with my girlfriend I find myself stooping over to hear her.  Just like you said but I always think…Stand up Straight!.  It's just how I carry myself.

    • I think it's the Old Man Stoop I'm trying to avoid.  It's not that easy as I have discovered.  I have to keep nagging myself, as if I didn't get enough nagging already.

  2. You may have happened upon my December post, so I'm kind of in total immersion with the Dowager's Hump.

    In my case it was a desk bound job, followed by hours hunched over a computer. (At one point a HP Omnibook, may it rest in peace).

    Physiotherapist keeps on threatening me with one of these, unless I walk properly (which I try to do most of the time, but quickly default to the tired old schoolmaster, even do the hands behind my back when I stop concentrating).


    • We have a few of those "posture correctors" around the place as Herself has a tendency to fall on her face.  None of them had any effect.  I did think of going to the physiotherapist, but the fact that she's a Really Fine Thing may have something to do with that.

    • That's a bit extreme?  Anyway, Herself would get nervous if I started walking around the house with full camping gear on my back?

      Though on second thoughts that might be quite a good idea…..

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