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    • No.  He's well behaved.  He saves all the junk until there is something that is actually addressed to me whereupon I seem to get everything all at once.  I then have to sort through it all to find the one item that is for me [usually something I bin  anyway].

  1. Which means all those connectors will have to be waterproofed

    You need some of this stuff:  Linky

    Follow the instructions and it will be 100% water proof.

    • Looks good, thanks.  The current situation is that I have ordered a power lead extender and as soon as that arrives I'll set up a temporary outdoor test.  I can fabricate a temporary rainproof shelter.  If I'm happy with that I'll go for the tape to make it more permanent.

  2. There are a few interesting cameras around that connect to WiFi but the manufacturers always seem to want it on their servers and you need a smart phone.  It is a pain where everything is forced into the cloud whether you want it or not..

    There are quite a few things now where you need a phone to use.  I used Cahoot for banking.  it was brilliant and did everything I wanted. Superb service and no issues for nearly two decades moving from telephone banking to online.  Then they wanted you to use a smart phone interface for 2 factor authentication and they slowly reduced what you could do till it was only low value transactions that you have previously set up.  Everything else now needed a phone call to their service desk. A step backwards but apparently progress.  It appears that everyone now is assumed to have a mobile phone and as such can't even do online banking without it.

    • I suppose the cloud storage is to allow the system to work remotely.  Currently I can view the camera remotely but can't view any recordings. 

      As for mobile phones, I confess I have grown fond of mine, having struggled for a long time with crap versions.  In fact my smart phone is more efficient than the laptop in a of of instances and has applications that are far more efficient.  I use it a lot now, though I'm not exactly glued to it!

  3. Have you tried putting the cameras IP address in your browser ?

    A lot of these cameras have a webserver running.

    If the camera supports the onvif standard, you can use any number of free software packages to record the video.

    I am using :-

  4. Since the camera has antennas the “button” you speak of is probably for pairing with any WiFi device (or Bluetooth? Hard to tell without a manual). Our security cameras are wireless, no Ethernet cable and that’s what the button is for–pairing the the included wireless base.

    Just sayin’.

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