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  1. I'm disappointed, Grandad. I thought (and hoped) that as you Sons of Erin have form in dealing with unacceptable gubmints/rulers, you all would be dealing firmly with this drivel thereby setting a sterling example to us all.

    • Sadly Ireland is now populated with "Social Media" loving, LGBTQWERTY card carrying, Politically Correct youngsters whose only interest is in "inclusivity" and "diversity" with a lot of tree hugging on the side.  Being unable to think for themselves they are willing to take whatever pain the gubmint inflicts if it helps to save Gaia [and of course the Whales and Polar Bears].

    • The whole and complete point of the exercise is to strip us of cash to feed the wealthy.   It has fuck all to do with climate and is ALL about taxing, levies and penalties.  Ireland is supposed to be "fined" billions shortly for not meeting "targets".  Where does that money come from?  Equally important – where does money go? 

  2. " through higher property tax or electricity bills, "

    They are lying of course, there is no 'or' as you will in fact pay both ways whichever route you choose.

  3. 'single use plastics'.  I presume they have plastic shopping bags in mind.  Ban those and we now buy plastic waste bin liners instead. Those really are single use.

  4. Sorry.  I suspect that this is the Irish Govt's response to the UK Govt's "promise" to wipe out all carbon emissions in the UK at some future date in time.  You know how these Govt folks work – it's like the anti-smoking racket.  One promises (or does) something in support of the latest fad, and then all the others rush in with "their" little plans in the same direction so as not to be outdone.  One wonders who, exactly they are trying to impress?  Each other? God? The Climate Fairy?  Because they sure as hell aren't impressing many of their voters with their hare-brained schemes.  Quite the opposite, in fact.

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