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  1. Same sex couples? Take turns each year for Father's Day. Doesn't really matter though since being a "Father' in a same sex couple is pretty much virtual no matter how you slice it. On  the other hand you could just do away with Mother's and Father's Day altogether and have a "Parent's Day" in their place. This obviously cuts out any couple that didn't have any kids but it might please the PC crowd more?

    Me? I never had any kids but my wife had five. Is there a Step-Father's Day by chance?

    By the way, Happy Father’s Day to you. You didn’t get a tie by any chance?

    • Parent's day is also non-inclusive as it is an affront to all childless couples.  With Political Correctness you cannot win.

      Daughter knows me better than to buy a tie!

  2. " … do away with Mother's and Father's Day altogether and have a "Parent's Day" in their place."

    Ah, but then you'd get an outcry from the slushy-card manufacturers!

    • Cis-gendered my arse.  That is one of the most naff things to come out of this whole Gender crap.

  3. I understand Elton John trades salutations with his husband, who is also referred to by his partner as his husband. 

    However Mr. Fry has no reason to wish father's day with his Toy Boy husband,  though doubtless they'll trade gifts with each other.

    Elton's children will of course give presents to both Daddies, however their problem arises on mother's day (though I believe they do know who their surrogate is).

      • You're confused?

        In my teen years (I'm a 1950 model) things were so much more straight-forward and simple. If you had dangly bits, you did your utmost to be noble and share them with those who lacked them. We were aware of those whose preferences differed but we just left them to their own devices. There was a certain crude but relatively good-natured piss-taking but they weren’t discriminated against and neither were they venerated on account of their odd proclivities. 

        I do just about remember All the fuss over April Ashley around 1960, and my parent's basic bafflement at the idea. Back in those days, those perceived as oddballs were viewed (by the majority of the public) with a degree of sympathy and a great deal of live-and-let-live tolerance.

        "As long as it doesn't impact on me or my life, why should I be bothered?" was the over-riding reaction.


        I'd love to return to those simpler times and attitudes, before the global liberal/lefties forced minority worship on us all.

  4. Sperm Donor Day…don't forget that other category of "sperm donors" as me and my friends call them here in the good ole US of A…the men who seem to enjoy getting multiple women pregnant, but never stick around to take any responsibility for the child.

    Boy do I miss the old days…kinda like Edith and Archie Bunker singing the intro to All in the Family…"when girls were girls and men were men."


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