My seven cents worth — 7 Comments

  1. I'm really starting to worry about you and your boiling piss–it seems to be affecting your judgement. You could also explode your bladder and then where would you be? I suggest heading to the loo immediately to relieve the pressure or it might get messy (which you, of course, would have to clean up afterwards).

    And pressurizing your bladder to 20 psi in order to obtain a higher boiling point temperature is not an option. Doing so might cook some of your innards.

    • Don't worry.  I recycle it through the heating system.  Plenty of hot water from the tap.

  2. Report the overcharging and abuse to the credit card company.  They will sort it out.

  3. All is sorted to my satisfaction [see my update above].  The credit card expires shortly anyway!

  4. As the old saying goes; "To err is human, to totally screw up requires a computer."

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