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  1. I'm looking for a similar gizmo to spy on the bird feeder.  Motion detection would be a plus.  Tell us what you eventually buy.

    • Will do [if I get around to getting something to work].  In my research I actually came across a wildlife camera but I can't remember where now.

    • Hokay…..  I have ordered a similar one.  I couldn't actually find the model above but it put me on a track where I found one that's cheap enough that if it doesn't work then I won't have an expensive heap of junk!

  2. I'm sure you can get very cheap versions that use a small permanent screen in the house rather than an internet/mobile phone solution. Obviously you can only use it when in the room with the screen – but on the plus side if that's where you are you only have to glance up to see the front view not faff about with a phone. (I'm a great believer in separation of function)

    • There are two problems with those – they require cabling from camera to screen [I assume] and of course the screen is in a fixed location.  I like to move about a bit!

  3. I bought the Ring doorbell, it’s pretty good and I certainly can’t fault their customer service. I had some problems with the signal and after checking they sent me a Pro chime to extend the signal, they cost about £50 and it’s worked perfectly well ever since. 

    • Daughter bought one of those, and that's what got me thinking about security here.  She had a bit of trouble setting it up but it works very well.  However, door bell cameras just wouldn't work here as they would give me an extremely limited view [which doesn't include the gate].  I need something that will work from a separately mounted camera.

  4. A man with your experience of Linux should have no problem cobbling together a security set up for yourself.  An Arduino board costs £3 or £4 and there are loads of sensors and cameras available for them at similarly stupidly cheap prices.  Add a WIFI module, and you can even send the output to your phone.

    There are loads of forums too, including specialist ones for home security projects.

    Go on, you know you want to…… 😉

    • The view from  the front door is very limited because of high hedges.  In fact a doorbell camera would just give me a lovely view of a Fuschia hedge and the front wall of the house.  A camera mounted on the garage roof [or the gable of the house] would however give a full view of the gate, front driveway and the only access to the property.

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