Climate Catastrophe — 10 Comments

  1. The assumption is that man (and women?) can change the climate.

    But are we ever asked what climate we would like?

    Me, I would like the climate of the 1950s.

    Summers were hot, road tar melted, railway rails buckled. Us children ran, paddled, swam all day long, with very little clothing on.

    And winters were cold. With long pavement slides, tobogganing, snowballs etc.

    But then to come home to blazing open coal fire, steamed up windows and in the morning beautiful hoar frost on the inside of bedroom windows.


  2. I would be more than happy with that.  Perfection would be a guaranteed hot spell at some stage in the summer though.  A sort of Continental Climate.

    Incidentally – if anyone is wondering [hah!  Not a chance] – the Reply link in the comments ain't working for some reason.  The latest WordPress core update seems to have buggered it on this site.

  3. Apart from supply capacity issues, when there is only one source of power available, i.e. electricity, for all heating, lighting, cooking and transport, it gives immense power to those in ultimate control of that monopoly supply, i.e. the government.

    They then own a single lever which, when combined with smart-meters and car-technology etc., may be used to control all aspects of our lives – only a blind fool would grant any government that power, but we are surrounded by the mentally blind, so don't be surprised when yet more choices are progressively removed from your life under the convenient but false label of 'climate change'.

  4. I suppose if you were desperate you could burn election posters, fliers and party political manifestos, (hundreds of pages of lies would keep a fire going all evening and they're free),

    Failing that you could invite a politician around on really cold nights because as we know, they're full of hot air.

  5. @Mudplugger.  It is indeed a scary thought.  To be dependent on one single source of energy is very frightening.  They talk of 'competition' between suppliers but it's all the same network of cables and wires no matter who bills you.  The system would be wide open to corruption or even hackers!

    @John.  Why not just burn politicians?  They're greasy enough to burn well?

  6. Over here they are insane. Can't agree on nuclear power station,probably backhanders not big enough.Then outlaw gas,wood burning stoves,diesel cars.Of course this is a government who can't find there arse with both hands.

    • Welcome George [and apologies for the delay!]

      Nuclear power would be an answer of course but they'd still bitch that Uranium is a non-renewable source.  Bring on Nuclear Fusion!

      Am watching the goings on in your gubmint.  A renewable source of entertainment for the rest of us?!

  7. His right you are about slamming up taxes, what's happened is that the same type of great unwashed proles, were  arguing about nuclear weapons in the eighties , they lost that argument, so now they have to look for another it's a  shame they don't look for a job with the same zeal. Of course warble gloaming, as you so succinctly put it is just another excuse to tax us for the sin of enjoying what precious freedoms and enjoyment we are allowed.  Bastards.  

  8. There are some very clever technologies out there, like ground source heat pumps.  There are two varieties of these, one where you have to have a big garden, then dig up the entire thing to lay loads of tubing back and forth.  The other seems more sensible to me, where a hole is drilled and a bloody big spike put into it to facilitate the heat transfer.  Unfortunately, last time I looked, it would have cost about £10,000 to buy and fit a system like this and I could not afford that at the time.  Air source seems quite popular in the US, but it is not very efficient at very sub zero temperatures.  It seems a bit counter intuitive to be able to get heat from neat freezing air, doesn't it?  Damned clever though.

    • Heat pumps are great, but as you point out, they are very expensive to install.  It would be many years before you saw any kind of return on the investment.

      Also they require electricity to power the pumps!

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