The Reluctant Carer — 9 Comments

  1. Frostbite !!??  I've not kept a particular watch on climate change in the Emerald Isle but Christ it must be hitting you hard.

  2. Brilliant. So pleased she is back amongst true friends and true family. Made my day to read this real news.

  3. … and I mistakenly believed that marriage was a contract to legitimise and encourage bickering!

  4. This poor site is fucked up again.  I can't reply to individual comments for some reason.

    @Matt.  See my post for today [the one after this one].  There is a lot worse coming down the track!

    @Bill & @Claudia.  I would imagine that the hospital staff are very happy that she's home too?!

    @Chromastistes.  The devil is in the detail.  If I pop my clogs first then she gets everything.  If she pops first I get nothing!

  5. Glad she’s home and happily ensconced. Not too sure what the black spot on her heel is. Lack of proper circulation during surgery perhaps? Oh, and give her my best will you, and well done on the room. You’re a good man, sir.

    And yup, the “Reply” function no longer works, the markup buttons/functions are missing (which means doing it the old fashioned way and spell checking actually works), and the comment field is smaller than it was before by default. Could be there’s another plugin interfering?

  6. @Kirk M. There seems to be a general confusion as to the cause of the black spot.  It could be an impact injury [Herself's theory after suffering with some automatic knee bending machine constantly banging her heel] or a bed sore.  It's getting serious attention though from Doc.

    The Reply thing is a mystery.  APaaK has the same theme and much the same plugins but is working fine. I also set up a local copy of this site built from the most recent backups and that's fine.

    There was a problem after the last upgrades in WP where the editor fucked up completely so I had to revert to the Classic editor.  I fixed that though simply by copying up all the WP 5.2.1 files and overwriting the existing.

    It looks like it may be time for a total rebuild of the site!!

  7. @Grandad, I’m still using the old version of the theme but I switched to the one you’re using just to test and there’s no problem. Switched back to the old one after.

    I can’t say about the block editor (can’t stand the thing) after WP update since I use the classic editor plugin but I did update from PHP 5.6 to 7.3 today. Again, no problems.

    Thought I might catch the same bug and be able to help some but to no avail.

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