Invasion of the body snatchers — 4 Comments

  1. Sounds awfully familiar but quite as bad when I was taking care of my parents. The real battle was getting a decent “Visiting Nurse” in the house from the VNA (Visiting Nurse Association). There wasn’t actually a problem getting one, it was the “decent” part that seemed to be hard to find. Eventually my sister and I managed to pound into them that we wanted someone who actually did the job and at least acted like they cared.

  2. We had one of those Home Helpers before.  She was a nice enough kid but she was rarely on time, usually was in a great hurry to go somewhere else after and never stopped talking.  Also we never quite worked out what she was supposed to do!  Usually she just washed Herself's hair, whether it needed washing or not.  We decided that life was easier without her help!

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