Caring for the carer — 20 Comments

  1. I notice in the article that Stevie was tested in long-term care facilities for seniors.  So what exactly are the PEOPLE who work in said facilities doing?  Another example of government using machines to replace people.  I agree with you, Grandad, that thing is plain creepy and I wouldn't want it anywhere near me or my loved ones! 

    Dogs are much better companions!

    • They puff the yoke up as if it were the answer to all problems, but what exactly can it do?  It can't answer the phone or the door.  It can't cook a meal.  If the victim falls, then it's only recourse is to phone somebody.  As for being reminded to take pills or switch the lights off!!  Words fail.

      If I were ever lumbered with one, my only pleasure I could derive from it is in devising ways and means to get it to self destruct.

  2. So, it's a multi-thousand dollar device that basically replaces an electronic med reminder and a phone or one of those Alexa things with a couple of remote modules that can pretty much do everything that rolling contraption can do except the fake smile. I don't think so.

    Note: My feed reader extension for Firefox failed miserably the other day and I just recently noticed (mind like a rusty trap, me). So now I'll go back to your past posts and do some catching up.

    • Does the Alexa thing ask creepy patronising questions though?  This yoke actually asks you if you have forgotten to do various things.

      "FUCK OFF!!  It's my fucking house and if I want to leave all the fucking lights on all fucking night then that's my fucking business!!"

      Note: Have you tried Feedly?  I use it though it's not a patch on the old Google Reader [one of the few good things that came out of Mordor].

      • I don't no exactly how Alexa responds but I'd bet creepy enters into it. I'd give it a 50/50 chance you could program "snarky" into it as well.

        I actually had Feedly as my RSS reader long ago including some of the extra extensions required to make it useful. Don't recall why I stopped using it but  I don't remember my login credentials or whether I used my Google account to login. Either way, I installed the Smart RSS extension which, at least, appears to be consistently updated. At least it stores my feeds locally and not "in-the-cloud"?

  3. Ugly big fucker isn't he?

    I can see such a device developing the instinct to rape the elderly before long. Corrupt code etc. 

    Take my advice Grandad, lock the doors at night ……

      • That’s a perfectly valid observation.

        After all, they’d probably ride you on price first and when that works, sure, you’re only asking for trouble.

        It’d start stealing your money next, mark my words.

        • It would probably do an anal probe?  For medical reasons of course.

          If that thing is wandering around your pad then your money is already stole.

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