Motorway tips for driving in Ireland — 10 Comments

  1. My first trip on an Irish motorway was very much like that, but done in a motorhome with very limited room for fast reactions as people appeared out of nowhere across all three lanes.  After 50 miles or so, it seemed normal, so we carried on.  However, in the city, we learned that signalling direction was not always accurate.  Five or six times we were overtaken by cars indicating right, but actually turning left.  Few even slowed down for red  traffic lights.  Do all Irish have a death wish?

    • Irish driving is an art in itself.  The general rule is to confuse everyone else as much as possible.  I think I may have written a chapter or two in the past about indicators.  Maybe I should do an update on that too?

      Traffic lights are for wimps.

  2. Ah Grandad!

    No mention at all about how using mobiles is legal on motorways, (only if you are traveling over 120KPH of course).

    • Oh dear!  How frequently one overlooks the obvious?  Once installed in the outside lane, anything goes.  Chat on your mobile or send a few text messages?  Need a shave?  How's the old make-up looking?  Lipstick need refreshing?

      Incidentally, unless you are over 50 miles from a city you're damned lucky to ever achieve 120.

  3. Snooker. Observe a vehicle ahead of you (best if this is a HGV or big bus) in the left lane ( this applies in countries driving on the left) ahead of you which is obviously going to want to overtake a slower vehicle in front of him/her/it/they, whatever.

    Speed up and draw alongside the HGV/bus and slow down to his speed.

    Once you have caused it to slow to the speed of the slow  vehicle, put the foot down and bugge r off. This works best on uphill gradients.

    Simple cuntishness. Overtake and pull in in front and then slow down.


  4. I once drove from Dublin Airport to Galway, an entertaining and illuminating experience; Irish motorways can become side roads with no sort of warning, folks driving are always friendly, waving and gesticulating at a poor Brit that is almost lost, I drove along a toll road and didn't have to pay anything ! How nice ! Also, hire cars can exceed the speed limit ! Yes, its true ! I drove as fast as my cheap and cheerful hire care would go ! The people in Galway are very laid back, inviting me to have another pint even though I had to drive back to my hotel. The only confusing thing was kilometers, what on earth are these ? Was I in France ? 

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