Divided loyalties — 11 Comments

  1. Penny knows perfectly well that your wife is not in the house. She picked up on the fear and anxiety you both reeked of in the days preceeding her departure. 

    And she knows of your stoicism,  and those times when you get just a little bewildered. 

    Some hospitals allow pets to visit their keepers. Any harm asking if that's possible? 

    (Some moving ones on YouTube,  just in case. One with the African Grey really blew me away).

    • I did think about bringing Penny in.  The only problem then is that there would be no need for any of us to go home.  The cat would either starve or find a new sucker home.

      • The only problem then is that there would be no need for any of us to go home

        Have no fear of that. You can only eat hospital cafeteria food for so long before you start to crave something that actually tastes good…or has any taste at all…or that you can actually identify…or isn't lukewarm…

        • The food isn't that bad and there is a fairly decent menu.  Add to that free telephone, free multichannel television, free newspaper [delivered to the room], free heating, free maids [though don't let the nurses hear you call them that] and just about free everything.  They are a bit sniffy about smoking though.

          • I was going to say something along the lines of, But the rent is phenomenal, but then I recalled that you folks have that free (as in beer) health care or something like that? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

            Oh, and ask Herself if the bed is actually comfortable will you? They certainly aren't here in the States by my experience so I'm a bit curious.

            • Free?  No!  We're on private health insurance which costs a significant portion of the pension.  The bed is top of the range electric.  I discovered today that the bed even warbles gently if the breaks are released!  Even my car doesn't do that.

              If we hadn't had insurance there would probably be a three year waiting list with every chance that the operation would be bounced back to the bottom of the queue if the theatre was needed for something more important [i.e. a patient with insurance?]

              • Thanks for the correction. And when you said the bed was a top of the range electric my brain initially thought you were speaking of a cook stove. I had to shove the brain cells back into alignment before the neurons started firing normally again.

  2. Oh, yes, you all have good reason to go home – it's home. Including cat. 😉

    • Daughter suggested this evening that I bring in a stuffed cat for company.  I said I was happy to stuff the cat but not the dog.

  3. Like Penny, our dog, Tilly, loves routine.  She knows exactly when she is due food, treats or a walk, and will not let you forget.  Any change in this time sequence usually puts her whole system out of kilter for a bit, but she soon adapts.  Hopefully Penny will take it all in her stride and things will get back to normal soon.

    You and your wife will really notice the difference with her new knee.  My mother had both done as well as one hip over a period of time, and it let her be much more mobile for years after.

    Good luck to you both.


    • Welcome Ian!  Penny is certainly a stickler for routine!  Strangely enough she does occasionally show an independent streak and will break a routine for no obvious reason.  For example, jangling car keys causes an immediate dash for the car where she will happily lie on the back seat.  Once in a blue moon though she will get as far as the car and then just trot back to the house again.  No apparent reason is given.

      I hope the new knee works [so far so good].  The trouble is that the other knee is nearly as bad and her lower spine is worse than both knees!  Time for the knacker's yard?

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