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  1. Ah, Peig!

    The Murdoch Times newspaper was running a feature yesterday advertising holidays on the Blaskets. Loading Windows 8 might be a useful way for visitors to pass their time on Great Blasket, it would fit well with tales of woe and grief.

  2. I know you're dead agin it, but I'm happily running my 2009 MacPro with nary a problem. The biggest problem I face is unexpected happenings when one of the felines decides to lie down or saunter across the keyboard.

    OS updates happen only at my triggering and take 30-40 minutes tops: On said MacPro I do run two virtual machines, Windows 7 & Windows 10, each of which requires me to set aside an entire evening for their update shenanigans.

    • I have nothing against the Mac, other than I would never use it. Horses for courses. I like to decide my own destiny and not having to live at the whims of Apple.

      Incidentally, the only significant update with Linux is after its first installation. Then there is usually a 250 to 300Mb download and install. That takes a while, but works in the background with no mentions of licences, “are you sure you want to do this?” or any of that crap. I just work away while it does its thing without any interference.

      • I don't actually live at the whims of Apple, either: I install whatever I want from wherever I want, which just requires me to authenticate the installation. I haven't found anything restrictive and it just works a damn sight better than any flavour of Windows I've ever used.

        As les grenouilles say; "One man's fish is another man's poisson".

    • No.  I decided that Windows 10 wasn't for me, so I reformatted and installed Windows 8 along with a patch to stop it looking so horrible.  I'm happy now.  For the moment…….

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