A picture is worth a thousand words — 12 Comments

  1. Soon as I saw her I said to myself and my wife "there is something not quite right with her"

    I've read she has Aspergers, at least, and Google discloses info on the condition that "chime" if you see what I mean .

    Precocious eloquence springs to mind. Actually I feel very uncomfortable watching and listening to her. Seems exploitative to brainwash someone so easily brain washable, so young so innocent. And give me a break: pigtails ? And little girly dresses. Hasn't she got a teddy to hug?

    The climate panic true believers are really bottom feeding now. And what is infinitely more worrying having some success. Especially with Gove.

    • Indeed I know a little about Aspergers, but I woudn't hold that against her [though it possibly adds to her gullibility and her fixation on the subject].  What about her parents [assuming she has any]?  Are they happy that their wee lass is being touted around the world like a fucking mascot?  I know I wouldn't be. They must be either blind, or suddenly very wealthy!

  2. It's perfect isn't it, having a 16 year old girl with asbergers as a mouthpiece. If you openly citicise her, you're bullying a young girl with mental issues

  3. It seems that one or two others had similar suspicions to my own?

    A nice trite summary of the girl appears in Mack's comment under "The Cult of Greta"

    A seemingly pre-programmed and disturbingly manipulated Green Reichsjugendfuhrer, who embodies all of the religious zeal of Joan of Arc, the charm of a Midwich Cuckoo and the naïveté of the leaders of the 13th Century Children’s Crusade.

    I don't think I can add anything further to that?

    • Still no idea.  She is supposed to be home next Monday but there again, she was supposed to home last Tuesday!

      • Bloody doctors!

        Want a giggle?

        The lovely xtinction rebellion peeps have had this at the top of their twitter feed asa pinned tweet for the past seven hours. Pubic money for free public transport!

        “Many tens of thousands of families who have no money for an electric car will… be left out in the cold.”, RAI Association, Amsterdam’s motoring lobby. So let's use pubic money to make public transport free rather than to subsidise fossil fuel companies.

        Surely someone must be offended enough to report them to the cops?

  4. I saw online that clown Bruton declare Irelands climate emergency. Is that the same Bruton who say he would create 25,000 new jobs by 2020 how is that coming along? But I digress global warming has been going on for millions of years this present BS is just a scam by the elite to get the plebs to pay more taxes. Notice nothing applies to them they will still be using their gas gushing government cars and private jets.

    As for Gretas she looks like a character from the 1960 film Village of the Dammed. There was a picture in a UK daily of a group of politicians slobbering around her its child abuse.

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