Welcome to Totalitarianism — 7 Comments

  1. Isn't it amazing (or scaring) that a minority of about a quarter to a third of people globally can be happily discriminated against without so much as a raised eyebrow by the professionally offended?

    The mind keeps boggling.

    • We hear endlessly about tolerance and inclusion.  Everyone is to be welcomed just so long as they are on the approved list.  Religious extremists get a greater welcome than the unfortunate smoker!

  2. There may come a time when smokers/fatties/drinkers will have to wear something to identify them, such as a yellow star, for example. One consequence is that when you exclude people from a tribe they will form their own, rival tribe, then its war.

    • Then the powers that be will decide to move those tribes into their own designated areas [known as ghettos?].  What will happen then when the ghettos are overcrowded?

  3. I sometimes wonder whether, eventually, we will end up with two “societies” – one, quite small one, full of people who have pretty much no vices whatsoever, such as professional athletes and the crazily health-obsessed, who have access to healthcare, social housing, legal work etc and another, probably much bigger one, filled with anyone who doesn’t fit the mould in even the most minor way – those who have smoked more than one cigarette in their lives, who drink more than the permitted limits, who tend to be overweight (even slightly), or who eat more sugar or red meat than the PTB deem acceptable – who will be denied access to all these things but who, because of their larger numbers, will out of necessity organise themselves into an unofficial “second” society, offering these services from within their number on behalf of their number. 


    So we’ll see “sinners” setting themselves up in businesses and employing other “sinners” to work alongside them, we’ll see “sinner” property owners offering their properties for rent to other “sinners” and we’ll see something similar to the old “Friendly Societies” which enabled people to access healthcare in the pre-NHS days, being set up informally amongst groups of “sinners” to provide funding for private healthcare which the NHS will no longer be prepared to offer them.  I don’t see any of this being undertaken as an “official thing,” but I think that it will sort of grow organically.  There’s a huge untapped market out there for services and goods for an increasing number of people who are being catered for less and less by currently “official” companies and services.  And the more “sins” are added to the list by the PTB, the larger this group will become. 


    Who knows?  We may well see a situation whereby life is actually better run, and services offered are of a much higher quality – independently and away from inept and over-zealous State interference – for “sinners” in the community than it is for the “saints” who obediently do as they are told.   Sinners of the world unite!

  4. It's ironic that smokers contribute far more in excise duties on their activity than it costs the Health Service in dealing with any consequences – approximately 5 times more according to the data.   On that basis smoking should be encouraged.

    It's even more ironic that other folk who knowingly engage in unsafe sexual practices and thus acquire HIV/AIDS are provided with limitless and very costly treatment completely free of charge, also free from any moral condemnation, despite not paying any additional taxes for their careless recreational bum-banditry.

    Funny old world.

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