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  1. It is simplicity itself – a quarter turn of the bolt and the piece is locked firmly..

    S'funny you should bring this up. My near neighbour (in her 70's & lives alone) came round in bit of a panic earlier today – her bed frame had collapsed, and she asked if I could have a look.  It was of a similar type of construction as you mention , clearly supplied in a kit, and "was" held together by numerous quarter turn fasteners. Unfortunately most had worked loose over the years, and finally one corner post came away from the frame. It was beyond simple reassembly as part of the frame had split, but I was able to patch it up (wonderful things, cable ties), and we found a selection of paperbacks to provide additional support! I suspect the special metal studs which engage in these twist-lock fasteners had not been properly screwed into the respective wooden parts, meaning the twist-lock ran out of travel before the joint was pulled tight. This allows movement, and the eventual failure…

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