The Invasive Weed — 12 Comments

  1. He is also somebody very rich who implores the poor to give away all their money while hiding all his wealth from the taxman (and everybody else). He also claims to be proud to be Irish but only ever enters the country when there is a photo-opportunity or when he needs some more publicity to implore the poor (gullible ?) to give away even more of their money.

    In other words, in addition to being a shit singer of piss-poor music, he is a Irish only when it is convenient and a fucking hypocrite !!

  2. I'm surprised somebody as media smart as Pelosi slipped up and got photographed with Bono. Even basic research would tell her he has to be about the most hated bloke in Ireland, and I'm not even convinced Irish Americans like him! 

    Funnily enough, I happen to know that folk from the big overseas development charities now try to avoid him turning up at their gatherings, because they know any photo or even mention of the tax-dodging sponger will be followed by a massive drop off in donations.

  3. Pelosi is 85 I believe. She once was a smart(ish) politician. Not now. A corrupt and vain one who has devolved into imcompetance; ( and possibly incontinent, certainly verbally ). Bono is just a mediocre ‘ rock ‘ star needing his ego stoked as often as possible.

    • Pelosi's got form, lots of it.  Maybe she still has a little bit of Irish in her. . . . .

      When you remember that she was humping JFK in the White House more than 60 years ago (another Plastic Irishman), you know that she knows how to get on in life.

  4. @ Mudplugger. She was no looker even when young. The thing I find puzzling is being as most politicins go for image, why don’t they try to attract a really sexy, sensuous woman? Trump seems to be the exception here, all the rest seem to excel in average. Except Macron, he’s so far out of it he can’t be campared. It’s the same for the females, have you seen T. May’s husband? …

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