Running around in circles — 14 Comments

  1. I believe your cats name is Malone. If you show him some kindness he’ll be very good to you. Cats are cool.

    • Who the hell calls their cat “Malone”? I show that cat boundless kindness [though I draw the line at affection]. The other morning he/she/it somehow got into my bedroom, curled up on my ribcage and started kneeding me. It was painful. If that’s being good to me I would rather do without, thanks.

      • He/she/it was just trying to give you a soothing massage despite the fact you don’t have a couple coats of fur to protect you.

        And just call he/she/it, “Mal”, and be done with it. Considering all the damage he/she/it causes plus the danger to yourself from tripping over he/she/it, it’s somehow appropriate?

        By the way, I’m going to call the cat “Mal” from now on in my comments since it’s such a pain in the arse typing he/she/it all the time. And “it” will be a “she” as well. Considering your great love for the cat it also seems appropriate. 😉

  2. See he loves you. He curled up on your chest and was kneading you. That’s his way of getting two things done in one shot. He was showing you that he loves you and he wanted you to get up and feed him or just play with him.
    I had a cat named Captain Willie who would sleep on the bed with me and when he wanted me to get up he would crawl under the covers and bite my toes He would then get out of the way as I thrashed about trying to kick him Never did kick him. He was fast and was well out of the way when I went off.

    • Yeah. Right. A sign of love… I’ll try biting Herself’s neck and see if she’ll accept it as a sign of affection [or maybe whip her with a cactus?] A sign of love would be to let me sleep.

    • Believe it or not but when the cat started its little ritual, that video immediately came to mind!

  3. From what I remember from psychology, children have to develop something called object permanence, the idea that things don’t disappear because they are out of sight. Perhaps Penny is going through that developmental stage?

    • The problem there is that things did change when they were out of sight.  I think she's getting used to it now.  I'm not though.  I still get a surprise when I pass the open bathroom door and see another room behind.

  4. The doors. Reminds me of TV farces many, many years ago.
    Why not do a costume change between exiting one door and entering another.
    Does it give Hitler salute? Lucky Chinese cat first name Ho?
    Or the shy, reclusive Hebrew cat. Levi?
    Or the anti-social female, Letti?
    I’ll get my coat.

    • I did suggest when the cat arrived that we call it Ho.  It occurred to me though that if I stood in the middle of the garden shouting "Ho Malone" that the neighbours would come in to keep me company in my loneliness?

  5. I wasn't going to post another comment but when I scrolled down to the last comment and saw the nifty black markup thingy bar above the comment field, I just couldn't resist.

    And if it includes my paragraph spaces when I submit it I'll be a happy camper.

    And give my love to the cat next time you trip over her. (not really a quote)


    • Heh!  The one I used to have failed abysmally with the last update to WordPress and there was no sign of it being updated.  I found the new one purely by accident and it seems to work all right?


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