Guilty of infidelity — 7 Comments

  1. At least you're still using a Linux distro? For myself, I'll stick with Mint simply for the reason it still uses a classic WIMP interface which is what I prefer. Not the Gnome/gnome-shell, touch screen, tablet interface that straight Ubuntu now uses instead of Unity. I also prefer all the "Mint Tools" that are included plus Mint's update manager. After my distro/DE hopping spree I'm pretty much settled.

    Still, it's all a matter of personal taste and all that so no worries there. I've sometimes wondered why Mint hasn't tried out a Gnome/gnome-shell edition of their distro since they had to drop KDE then again, their team can only handle so much?

    • I don't mind the layout too much.  The only real problem is that I was used to the old Mint/Windoze configuration.

      The menu button should be bottom left [it's now bottom right], the time should be bottom right [it's now top centre] and the little icons such as volume or wifi should be at the bottom right [they're now top right]. 

      I have the menu set to display "Frequent" rather than "All" so it's not too cluttered.  In fact I rarely use the menu as all my usuals are on the task bar. 

  2. Flipping heck, when you said you had gone over to the Dark Side, I thought you had succumbed to the wiles of Fianna Fail canvassers!

    • Going over to Fianna Fail would imply I was leaving another party?  Seeing as all parties are the same there would be much point in preferring one over another.

  3. With Mint I found that they just about get all of the bugs sorted out and it's time to upgrade (again). I switched to CentOS. Supported until 2024!

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