An upstanding piece of research — 9 Comments

  1. Pretty well all of those who died in the last five years wore underwear: evidently wearing underwear is the most dangerous thing we can do. There! Amazing research. Can I have my research grant now, please?

    • Hah! Hadn’t heard about him. I just looked him up. I’m not sure whether he was advocating sitting or denouncing it. A somewhat ambiguous message?

  2. Aw geez, they have been harping on that shit for awhile here. The Pa department of health has been running commercial s stating that old stand by, sitting is the new smoking.
    What a pack of crap it is. People have been sitting at their desks for generations now but all of a sudden it’s as baaaaad as smoking. First off prove that smoking is bad and don’t give me the I don’t like the smell of it.
    What a pile of bullshit!

    • Everything is as bad as smoking these days. This whole “research” thing is a complete farce.

  3. So how many lives will O’Leary save when/if he installs his “half sitting/half standing” places for Ryanair passengers? The Man is obviously dedicated to the furtherance of humanity. Nobel prize in the offing? I understand his idea was formed while watching a video of the pop singer Little Richard playing his piano while standing up, while being driven in his limousine which, allegedly, is registered as a private hire taxi so he can travel in the Dublin bus lanes. Truly a man of the people visionary.

    • If he insists on his pilots standing then the fun will start? Luckily I’m not on any flight paths!

  4. I could say that people who are sitting are sitting on their butts and if we didn’t have butts then there would be no sitting since one cannot sit without a butt therefor perhaps we should ban butts so there would be no sitting and the world would be a safer, healthier place…

    …butt I won’t.

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