In which I get smart — 8 Comments

  1. Your jaw-wei or whatever it’s called is made in China. The was a news report about them collecting more information on their owners than other phones. One of the owners of the company was just arrested in Canada. My iPhone may be made in China but at least it’s made by an American company and not the Chinese government.

  2. Congratulations on your new speed demon, picture taking Barf thing. I have no use for smart phones per se but that’s a real nice picture of Penny.

  3. @Brianf. I wouldn’t take any notice of that bollocks. It’s a well known fact the NSA use Apple to collect information. The reason the retardistanis ( TM John Cadogan ). don’t like Huawei is because they hold many more 5G patents than the U.S.A. does and they are the only company in the world who can build a complete 5G network alone. In other words they are well in front and that really puts a dent in the U.S.’s exceptionalism. Even the boss of Apple agrees China is in the lead. The reason that they are in China is because of the huge amount of techical knowlege China has amassed in the last decade, not to mention investments in all areas of technology and industry.

  4. I don’t know what they do with all the data they are stealing from my phone, I don’t have a Huoowaaweeiie so the Peoples Republic is probably not getting anything, I hope ASIO and the NSA are enjoying my happy snaps of my Cockatiels and Jasper the Whippet (he is very cute in his Christmas elf costume).

  5. It is good to read that you are pleased with the Barf. It certainly takes a high resolution photograph.
    Zooming in on the glint in Pennys eye shows a black and white chessboard effect, thus helping to prove dogs are colour blind.

  6. A friend of mine from Newcastle on Tyne has one of those Chinese phones. Not being multi lingual (Geordie AND English), he calls it a “Howay”, which I suppose is rather apt.

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