Getting a so called upgrade — 12 Comments

    • Probably not, but I don’t make many anyway. Apparently it’s a 4G [whatever that is] when I can barely get 3G here. But I am assured 4G is available if I stand on the roof.

  1. Yup, I thought it might be a Huawei as soon as you said you couldn’t pronounce it. I’m pretty sure you could pronounce Samsung or Apple or plain old “Some sort of Android thing”–which is actually what you’re getting despite the lack of pronunciation. And I think 4G is somewhat better than 3G whatever that was.

    • No, it’s not, because if it doesn’t work, the fallback is edge which will crawl in a way that makes you want to just walk to the one you’re trying to phone. Or commit suicide. Or better: murder – can one murder a phone?

      • No: if it p’s you off sufficiently such that you resort to violence, it’s pesticide not murder.

        It’s a good job the same rule doesn’t apply to people who p you off: if it did, the body count (in my case) would be staggering!

      • Murder a phone? Probably not since you can only murder a fellow human being. Something I contemplate every time I see one of those human beings texting while driving, yapping on one during a movie or in a super market or just about anywhere where it’s extremely annoying and they just don’t seem to give give a f…

        …well, you get what I mean.

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