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  1. Heck, I’d take it in a heartbeat and would except for the logistics of the thing.

    First: Me being where I am and you being where you are and…

    Two: Our computer room lacking the room and right-angled corners necessary for placement of said desk (house is what they call a “story and a half” so upper rooms have partially sloping walls).

    Otherwise, that thing is pretty much my dream desk so to speak.

    • If you’re prepared to pay for the postage you can have it for nothing.

      Maybe you could leave it outside and keep pigeons in it?

      • Now that’s an idea. I’m sure the various birds would just love to have a landing pad while waiting their turn at the bird feeder. And our oversized deck is just full of right angled corners (about 4 of ’em I think). I’ll talk to the wife about it, eh?

    • I thought that myself. Two people showed interest but neither has gone any further yet. I’ll leave it advertised for a few days and then bin it if no one is interested.

      • Dear Grandad

        Cross out free and replace with 20 punts or whatever you use these days.

        Anything that’s free is worth what you pay for it. As Mr Woodsy42 says, if it’s free people will think you think it’s junk and will assume you are right.

        I read somewhere once that someone with an excess of well rotted horse manure offered it free – no takers. At 50 pee a bag it was gone within a week…


  2. “People can be weird sometimes.”

    Brexit was the biggest vote of most people’s lifetime; but, 27.7% of the eligible voters could not be bothered by voting.

    Yet, people complain that the govt pays them little attention.

  3. In Edinburgh there are several charities that’ll uplift any item of furniture, then sell it through their shops.

    Perhaps they have something like that in your part of the world, though I may be so bold as to suggest you ignore the cancer charities. Maybe the Sally Army.

  4. post a photo in the national newspaper with a mention once used by the grandfatherfrom headrambles should be worth a few dollars

  5. If you lived where I live, you could put it outside with a “For Sale” notice on it. It will be gone the next morning!

  6. Do you have a local Freecycle site? Works well for me. Or a local Emmaus village, our one specialises in teaching homeless guys woodworking skills to refurbish furniture. It collects useful items like yours pretty promptly.

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