The Bucket List — 5 Comments

  1. I recognize the bar in Sarlat bottom right. I’ve had a few beers there! If you do return to this area, you are most welcome to drop in. After a road accident in late 2015 I’m partially paralized and although I can walk a limited distance with crutches, I use a wheelchair when out and about shopping. If you like duck, I certainly know some excellent restaurants and Auburges that specialise in that. Also a local bar stocks Guiness, in bottles sadly but a taste of home none the less!

    • I should have identified the photos.  Here goes –

      1. Main Square Sarlat
      2. Beynac-et-Cazenac
      3. Domme
      4. View of Beynac-et-Cazenac from the garden of the pace we rented
      5. Fabulous meal in a restaurant in Carlux
      6. Main Square Sarlat [again]

      I would imagine there are about five or six bars in that bottom photo!

      If [and it’s a big if] we ever return there I will indeed let you know.

  2. I’ve had quite a few beers and coffees in the various establishments Sarlat. I know people in Domme. The others I know but don’t frequent very often. 
    Any time you want to draop by……..

  3. Confit de canard is wonderful!
    The Dordogne in September is a delight. The roads are empty, the weather is beautiful and parking is easy – and house rentals are cheap. The drive down from the port means only skirting around Nantes and a small bit of the Bordeaux ring road – both of which are simple compared with the drive you have to take Herself to hospital. 
    It would seem a lovely excursion to plan.

    • The driving is one of the great pleasures.  Our route usually consisted of an overnight in Poitiers and then straight down to the Dordogne.  The return trip was a little longer to tie in with ferry sailings and that meant an overnight in Poitiers and another in Caen.  Of course that was with the old Irish Ferries timetable and route.  I havn’t worked out how the new sailings fit in.

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