When the sky falls — 11 Comments

    • Nah!  It was probably junk.  You know how you toss junk into a room and suddenly the junk falls down against the door so you can’t open said door to clear the junk?

  1. I could not get here using the hr URL. Got that resources used up.

    However Dick Puddlecote links to the latest post just fine.

    Having gone to all that hassle, all I get is another whinge by the workman blaming his tools.

    • Right back at ya! [as they say?]  Clear your browser cache and that should fix your problem.  If it is a problem …

    • Wash your mouth out!  That wouldn’t happen even if there was an infinite number of alternative universes.

  2. “4,600 posts and around 66,000 comments and all from memory”  Jesus !! what an incredible memory you must have!!.

    I can barely remember my bleeding name on a good day.

    I clicked in last night and got the resources stuff.  As it meant sod all to me I forgot about it and decided it was in good hands and lo and behold here you are again.  I’m pleased to say.

    • At least I have a keyboard.  If I had to write the lot out by hand [and my handwriting has gone to pot lately] it would have taken a bit longer.

  3. Yep, I got the “Resources used up” too. Then, after a bit of digging, realised it was you not me.

  4. Glad I missed a few days before checking in. I was actually too busy over the last week or so to check in anywhere on the innerweb (really). I thought (medically forced) retirement was supposed to be quiet. Silly me. Glad you got the site back up.

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