When the sky falls — 11 Comments

    • Nah!  It was probably junk.  You know how you toss junk into a room and suddenly the junk falls down against the door so you can’t open said door to clear the junk?

  1. I could not get here using the hr URL. Got that resources used up.

    However Dick Puddlecote links to the latest post just fine.

    Having gone to all that hassle, all I get is another whinge by the workman blaming his tools.

  2. “4,600 posts and around 66,000 comments and all from memory”  Jesus !! what an incredible memory you must have!!.

    I can barely remember my bleeding name on a good day.

    I clicked in last night and got the resources stuff.  As it meant sod all to me I forgot about it and decided it was in good hands and lo and behold here you are again.  I’m pleased to say.

    • At least I have a keyboard.  If I had to write the lot out by hand [and my handwriting has gone to pot lately] it would have taken a bit longer.

  3. Glad I missed a few days before checking in. I was actually too busy over the last week or so to check in anywhere on the innerweb (really). I thought (medically forced) retirement was supposed to be quiet. Silly me. Glad you got the site back up.

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