The Final Frontier — 8 Comments

    • What next?  Ban other people’s children [noisy little brats], cooking [horrible smells], radios [don’t like their choice of music]?

  1. I have a friend I’ve not spoken to in yonks in Langley.

    Whatever it is, it’s not the fags. It’s her environment.

  2. Unfortunately, a legislator has taken up this cause as well. Langley is in British Columbia, where anti-smoking is a major religion.

  3. Sadly, I’m under medical treatment for ongoing respiratory issues, so smoking around me cannot happen. I get quite ill, quite fast. Grandad, if I ever have the means to travel all the way to Ireland to meet you, would this be an issue? Could you hold off for a bit, or should I wear some sort of respirator? I think Irish pubs are now non-smoking, right? I’ve heard you go on about that before.Or perhaps we should just keep things as they are? Flinging conversations back and forth across an ocean and a good part of the world. You can smoke all you want at your computer machine and I won’t be hacking up green globs onto your lap.

    • You’re welcome here any time DW.  I even have a special non-smoking area [it’s in the garden down by the compost heap], so I cater for everyone.

  4. It would be more to the point that people like her should be banned from any communal living.
    Spot on GD.

  5. You’re slipping, Grandad.
    You missed a golden opportunity for a few extra laughs at the expense of the terminally moronic. I quote from the article (my emphasis):
    “Sharon Hammond of the Clean Air Coalition of B.C. said there are a lot of ways smoke can travel in multi-unit dwellings, including through ventilation, cracks and electrical outlets. “A lot of times people don’t know it’s a problem until it happens to them.”Electrical outlets? FFS! That’s a new one on me. What? The pesky smoke molecules manage to sneak past the insulation, enter the copper cores in the wires, and then magically extricate themselves at the other end in this poor woman’s flat and metamorphorsize back into smoke? Amazing! Does NASA and the FBI know about this? Why have we not been told about this appalling new hazard? Is no one thinking of the poor kiddies? I am in a state of deep shock. Quick, someone pass me a cigar!

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