An Irish Tragedy — 13 Comments

  1. loardy loardy and I though my name misspelled with a K instead correctly with a C was a big deal…I best stop my whinging

  2. But the Leap card is only seen by themselves and inspectors. Don’t they recognise their own names without the fada?

  3. Heck, I didn’t even know the things were called fadas until now. And my computer OS may have the ability but I don’t have a clue on how to do it (set the language to “Irish” or Gaelic or something?).  I wouldn’t even know how to pronounce “Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh” for that matter.

    Iggerant ain’t I?

    • “Fada” is the Irish for “long”.  It lengthens the sound of a vowel.  “La” would rhyme with hah, whereas “Lá” would rhyme with paw.  There endeth the lesson for today

  4. Fripparies, fada and ballykissmyarse are now my new favorite words.
    And my new name is Dávid Ní Rhodes.
    Despite the fact that my line hails out of Scotland, but I was born a ‘merican and we’re really good at cultural appropriation.

    • There is indeed, in Wexford.  A friend of mine actually moved there.  She died since.  Probably from embarrassment.

  5. Dear goodness Grandad, what a catastrophe. VICTIMS! More victims. Maybe they could sue? Well, at least we are now aware of them. That’s good, yes?

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