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  1. PETA is obviously run by a bunch of morons. Language changes naturally over time. It does not change due to PC nonsense.  Go into many pubs and you will hear phrases and words most definitely not PC. Thank God!

    • What’s a pub these days?   They getting rid of those with the smoking ban so that the opportunity to behave normally would be eliminated and PC could then rule the roost.   It’s working.

  2. I saw that PETA article somewhere, read it and promptly forgot it. Thanks for reminder.
    I actually began coming up with alternative lines to a couple of other “festive season” songs but halfway through the first one I became so nauseated I had to quit. Sorry about that.

    • “…festive season songs…” ? No, no, no. “Festive seachild” surely.
      “Festive” may be (mis)understood as pertaining to Christianity only and thus cause great, deep and everlasting offence. The term “child” can also cause offence to young persons  so “Holiday sea-offspring” is safer. 
      No thanks needed, happy to help.

  3. There’s a village near here called Wool.  These stupid sods think this is offensive to sheep.  They want the name changed to “Vegan Wool”.  FFS.
    The name derives from a very old name for a hole in the ground with water in it, ie a bloody well. (They speak funny round here).

  4. “Bring home the bagels? Wot a fwiend we haf in PETA, already!” -Mosche ‘the dough’ Teig , spokesperson for the Irish Guild Of Jewish Bakers. 

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