That was the week that was — 10 Comments

  1. My wife has been laughing at my fooolishness for years.

    At our age, being grumpy is what we do best.

  2. On WordPress 5.0: Despite the high amount of negative feedback about the Gutenberg (block editor) plugin, the powers-that-be at WordPress decided, against all reason, to incorporate the Gutenberg code into the core of WordPress 5.0  hence the inclusion of this “Block Editor. And then, in their infinite lack of wisdom, WordPress devs decided to announce to everyone (in the same post) that the “Classic Editor” plugin was also available to replace this new block editor with the old traditional editor for those who didn’t want the block editor in the first place. This kind of logic I fail to understand.

    So, that being said (and I’m sure you already know this), just tell your clients/customers to install and activate the “Classic editor” plugin and all will be well. For those few that already have it installed along with the Gutenberg plugin, make sure they update the Classic editor” plugin to version 1.0 after they update WordPress to 5.0. Apparently the update to 5.0 triggers the update to “Classic editor” plugin.

    • All sites upgraded [including this one].  I’m just waiting now for the complaining emails.

      Incidentally, I have also been using Linux Mint Cinnamon 19.1 for the last week!

      • 19.1 beta? I just knew you would. What do you think?

        I have the 19.1 Cinnamon beta on the thumb drive and have been banging around the live session since it was released but haven’t installed it. I’m going to wimp out this time and wait for 19.1 stable to be released and just do the upgrade then. Until then I’m following the comments on the release post and the issues filed for the beta on Github.

        Must be getting lazy in my old age.

        • What do I think?  Well, initially I didn’t really notice any difference.  Then I started poking around and there are a few clues as to things I might spot.  I have it nicely set up now with a set of icons that I think are new and a nice colour scheme.  It does seem to be a bit clearer, but maybe that is down to cleaning my screen a bit?  Certainly everything seems to work, and it was a painless install [just formatted Root and left Home alone].  Final verdict?  Happy.  But then I’m always happy [except when I’m not].

  3. hope all the appointments go well, happy what ever you celebrate and all the best for the coming year

    • Today’s appointment went well – pressure restored in both eyes but have to keep using the drops for the rest of my days.  Meh.

    • They can feck off.  Apart from anything else they might discover my little “modifications”.

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