Religious conversion — 14 Comments

  1. Stings the first week then fine. Makes the vision blurry.

    Whisky/whiskey, I found was the same on that hogmanay when I first tried it.

    A long, long time ago.

    Orally, ( or O’Reilly, as Manuel might say) not dropped in eye, though.

    • Never had the sting thing though the blurry vision sounds familiar.  There there is the apres three quarters of a bottle thing where I lie down and the room revolves slowly around me.  I still get that.  I must be getting old.

  2. I was taught-ured by the bruvvers too. Jesuits with the long black frocks and a curious collar which looked like two long bunny teeth at the front. Bruvver Damian and I never really got along. He was very much into physical violence which also precipitated my #walkaway. What a bunch!

    • I had nightmares for a long time about those black cloaks and the Bugs Bunny teeth.  We had a few lay teachers too and in retrospect they were far less likely to lash out physically.  It seems that it was a prerequisite for Brudderhood that you either had to be a violent fucker or into a bit of sexual perversion, or both.

  3. Overall, I suspect that Brudder George had many more issues for which apologies are due than you ever will.

    • He was the headmaster.  He was an evil little fuck.  He was a short little runt of a bloke so we never saw eye to eye – literally and metaphorically.

  4. So, the first drop doesn’t sting.  Therefore,

    1) Put in one drop.

    2) Stop.

    3)Some time later, when the bottle of drops has forgotten about (1), eg after a sufficient number of Hail Maries, goto (1)

  5. Off topic but fuck me up a tree, sideways. It’s pissing down here and a tad gusty and some fuckin inbred idiot in some met office or something has given the wind n rain a fucking name.
    Storm Diana.

    Never mind shipping these arseholes to Rockall it should me who gets on the boat as I am sick to fucking death of this shit and the morons who ‘pass it on’.
    If the Apocalypse and or Armageddon is reading this PLEASE GET A FUCKING WIGGLE ON!

    • Bad news Bill.  Last nights wind was just a warm up. Diana [God bless her] is due to arrive tonight.  And my roof is leaking already.

      • Well were is she?
        Yesterday’s weather that wasn’t Diana was way, way worse than the overnight weather and today’s weather.
        Did she get pissed and thought fuck it what’s the point or did she veer off and hammer the sea whih doesn’t seem to give fuck?

        • She’s here right now.  The usual list of power outages Down South with 40,000 cut off [and counting].

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