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  1. The main thing is that the “Heir to Blair” allowed a referendum, hubristically believing that the result would be to stay, and then buggered off immediately in shock that the peasants didn’t do as they were told by their superiors. We accept that our UK governments – of all political hues – are generally a bunch of unmitigated shits but at least we get a chance every few years to express our contempt for them and vote them out. Idiot’s successor, an arch remainer, has said all along she will respect the result of our referendum whilst working against it behind the scenes.

    Although we can now see just how much our unelected unanswerable civil servants seem to rule the roost, our distaste for being ruled by unelected apparatchiks in Brussels is such that we want out, and then it will be time to get our own house in order regarding our (un)civil servants.

    The collective of frauds, thieves, dipsomaniacs, and charlatans in Brussels can sod off as far as we’re concerned. It IS a matter which, for once,  is of great importance to the majority of Brits.

    We’re sorry if your MSM/establishment are ramming it down your throats but we are in the unfortunate position of having a mendacious hypocrite in No. 10 who is acting in direct opposition to our wishes and pretending otherwise.

    • The problem with the whole fiasco here is the flaming Border.  That’s always the first thing they talk about and the attitude of our Lords and Masters is that the Border should determine the future of the UK, and that voters should have no say in the matter.

      In an ideal world Ireland should have joined up with the UK and let the EU go hang.

      • Brilliant idea, Grandad, start the campaign – we’ve much more mutual interest than with the Greeks, Belgians, Italians and French.

  2. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to the point where the UK ends up stuck somewhere in between. Not exactly part of the EU and not it’s own nation either. That sounds like a right kerfluffle all around (or “Malice in Blunderland” as my father used to say about these type of situations).

    • That is exactly where they are.  If the current agreement goes through then they are neither in or out.  It is a mess that only a politician could achieve.

  3. A reasonable view from outside the boundary, but you must realise that with the UK’s leadership, cabinet, parliament and civil service all dominated by Remainers, this is no surprise – they will create whatever chaos is deemed necessary to remain within the control of their masters, which is why a majority of the people told them to get us out – no ifs, no buts, no conditions, just out.

    As someone once described our politicians, ‘a bowlful of goldfish pretending to be whales’.

    • This was always going to be controlled by Brussels.  They not only have to save face but have to firmly dissuade any others from following suit.

  4. I can understand your irritation, grandad, but be patient because it should all be over shortly. You see the problem is that those who know better than the rest of us haven’t quite convinced enough people to realise how stupid they were for not understanding the question that was put before them in June 2016. 

    At the time, it all seemed quite straightforward.  We were asked whether we wanted to ‘Leave the EU’ or ‘Remain in the EU’.  Quite a few of us put an X in the box adjacent to the former option. This was wrong apparently.   Not only was it wrong, it also triggered endless debates and discussions about what ‘Leaving the EU’ means. 

    So I do apologise as I am partly to blame for the constant stream of Brexit news stories on your side of the water. On the bright side, though, we “thick Brexit” voters are grateful for the numerous, freely-given lectures we’ve been fortunate to receive from Remain voters over the past 2 years

  5. It’s just ‘this side or that side’ political FEAR theatre production grinding on as it has done my entire life. Boring as shit and unlike shit useless.

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