Want or Need? — 14 Comments

  1. The other advantage of not buying techie stuff you don’t need is that when it comes to the time that you DO need it it will probably be better or cheaper or both.

    Also the stuff that they cannot shift in the Friday Of Color frenzy will be even cheaper in the January sales.

    • They say that driving a new car out of the showroom halves its value.  They don’t tell you that buying anything electronic will instantly make it obsolete…..

      • Especially if you drive it out through a window. And most electronic gadgets are already obsolete before they put them on display.

  2. So – something I’ve always wanted to know – why is it black? Why not just Friday? What’s the colour got to do with flogging cheap tat? how can you colour any day?

    • stupid accounting term, if you are in the red you are in debt but in the black you are making coin….but none of my bloody coin I can assure you of that, won’t step into a big box store till Feb. it’s safer that way.

      • Ah.  I thought it was something else.  I thought it was something to do with people fighting over wide screen televisions in Walmart or something.

  3. When something is advertised we are told it is WORTH so much,it is usually a total load
    of overpriced crap.The correct word(s) should ‘priced at’ or ‘costs’.
    Similar to what you said about ‘want’ and ‘need’.
    Lets see how many other examples like this we can think of.

    • By my logic, if something is advertised at 50% off the normal price then that reflects its value and the “normal” price is grossly inflated to double the true value.

      In other words the discounted price is the true worth of the item, unless of course they are selling everything at below cost, which is hardly good business sense?

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