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  1. Remember the dead albatross with plastic in its carcase which the loons said was evidence of killer plastic well turns out it kills many an albatross, though the singular ‘plastic collection’ does seem to do rounds a bit. This mammalian example sounds like a re-run. Upping the ante so too speak again a la ASH.

    If anyone was serious about this then we would never hear from them or see any of their pictures or movies as they would no longer use plastic at all. They could put an annoncement out on ‘social media’ and then fall silent as evidence that they carried out their intent.

    Two eco warriors the Moonbat and Rob Transition Hopkins are ‘speaking tonite’. George has gone to Newcastle and Rob to Paris. Both went on fossil fuel burning machines loaded with plastics and toxins and admittedly I am guessing here but I’ll lay odds that both venues are fully loaded with plastic and probably heated by burning gas thus producing yet more carbon dioxide to destroy the thing they tell every bugger else has to be saved from mankind devilry. Is wankers too strong a descriptor?

  2. The two plastic flip flops – they were only found because the legs and feet had digested quicker. Here’s a thought – if whales are eating so much plastic they must be shitting it out again by the ton – I mean, any animal with a 6 foot dick has to be taking shits big enough to fill a dump truck. Anybody mentioned plastic whale shit? Thought not.

    • Maybe they are being eco-friendly, wrapping their shit in plastic and dropping it into a deep trench somewhere?  The ultimate recycle.

  3. Don’t whales exude ambergris?  It’s an oily, waxy, flammable substance, highly valued in the perfume industry – my suspicion is that this precious vomit is actually the processed plastic which Orca had ingested as a vegan alternative to eating more meat-based Jonahs every day.   Thus proving that more plastic in the sea is a life-saver for humankind.

    (The Jonah story must be true, the incontrovertible evidence is in the bible).



  4. I imagine a diet of plankton is pretty monotonous, so perhaps Moby fancied a graze on that continent-sized pile of plastic we’re told to feel guilty about (but that has mysteriously never been photographed).

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